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About a week ago I made the mistake of commenting on a smoking related SCA snark. I seriously don't mind if people smoke. I do have some friends who do, but to be honest the majority of my friends don't, and if my daughter's want to freak me out starting to use coffinnails would be a pretty good way of doing that.

That said, I seriously don't think that cigarettes have any place in the main event area, and when a person asks the others to quit - regardless of how stupidly phrased or even annoyingly demanded -  I don't thank that warrants a snark telling the person about entitlement, because
(a) it is 'outlawed' in the corpora to my knowledge
(b) it is not ok out doors, if anything it is even more annoying to people with a decent olfactory sense.
and this is one of the many things i stated: I don't believe a modern day cigarette has any place in the main event . NOW that is my opinion and frankly I am flabbergasted at the efforts people go to still answering to my comment with the most outlandish and ridiculous comments:
Likening cigarettes to bras and glasses
*proving* that tobacco was *period* and that a pipe should be perfectly fine.

Now, I fail to understand how glasses are like cigarettes.
I seriously think that people who think that women wearing bra's is taking away from their medieval experience should siomply not stare at lady's breats a much.
But seriously. HOW is an argument that one could possibly make a case for a late pipe smoking persona in any way relevant to filtercigarettesmoking vikings? Seriously. That guy sat down to comment on a comment which among A lot of other things stated that in MY PERSONAL OPINION (and the corpora) cigarettes should be banished to a certain place (like toilets; I mean just because people did in some areas shit into the streets doersn't make me suggest that that should be happening today)

and what's with the THE SCA is no reenactmentgroup? I mean I understand that the term is used also in a different way, but I don't get why peeps are upset about that? What LABEL is appropriate?

And seriously; who is the entitlement whore, when people go out of their way to accomodate an addiction to the point of open hostility?

I am just amazed!
I wasn't at that event. BUt seriously I have been on teh receiving end of the what are you going to do about it? attitude when I have asked in designated non smoking areas, in a kind and friendly voice even while being pregnant, if they could please put out their cigarettes. To the point where I ended up in a fist fight (I won and I was the only person who talked to the police about it (who had been called by others) for a reason.

I know my experience is different because I am from another country, but in my PERSONAL exprience the *entitlement* is firmly on the smoking side. So far, whenever I chose to ask any of my friend to please not do it right now, they totally understood, and foremost of all ASK the group before they light a cigarette. you know why?

Probably preaching to the choir here but I seriously am not getting this and needed to get this out of my system.

 I don't know why but today has been an exceptionally long day. manou was awake before 7 so right now the day was the usual12 hours. But it feels like it was much, much longer  I am tired, even though the most taxing thing I did was cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the living room, hardly the most taxing of jobs. The kids had been absolutely lovely most of the day and are currently playing nicely and quietly in their room. and yet...
I feel absolutely and utterly spend. I read a lot. have had some horrid, really horrid revelations about the appaling effects that the plastic consumption is doing to the environment und us. Pondering the problem of how to get decent drinking water (because - trust me - our tap water is SOOOO not an option, even with a filter. and the only glass bottled water I can purchase is either from home (literally, gerolsteiner comes from my region in germany which is the other side of the world as is) or Italy. I mean HOW ridiculous it this? whoever decided that glass is a bad thing... MOst of the tiem the beverage tastes a LOT better out of glass to begin with.

That is the thing. I consider myself fairly environmentally concious. Most of the time I do make the sensible choice and I had the benefit of living in a society which is working within the context of recycling big time rather than individual reuse, or upcycling things. I have been a *good* citizen and done my fair share, though i did not nearly know enough to actually say that I pulled at least my own weight. i didn't use cloth diapers for my kids but only after I found evidence that the carbon footprint of the cloth thingies wasn't nearly as beneficial in comparison to the diapers I had chosen to make it a sensible choice for a working mother. but with most of the choices I made I made an effort to choose wisely and into wisely I did figure in what I knew about it.

Now, i consider myself to be a fairly well educated person in a great numbers of areas, though I am always aware of being no more than a layman in any of them (yes, even the law, though I should know better there, but the law is so all encompassing that I think considering yourself anything but a dabbler in anything but the most confined areas of the law is hybris at best)  but there are truths that I had been abnsolutely blissfully unaware of. And now? What now?

I already had changed to include a number of environmental aspects into my setting up teh household. Changed my attitude towards some aspects which clearly are handled differently here so my personal assumptions didn't check out in this society. BUt I feel very overwhelmend, how can any one person be so reckless. How can a society be built on this disregard. Disregard for scientific facts and human and animal health.

And I don't mean america per se. i am bashing nobody here. When I grew up the *green* in germany were considered to be *freaks* we all are hesitant to believe. and we all are hesitant  to change. what if the change isn't worth it? What if the change is actually even worse? what will people think? Do I have the money for it? will my children be ok with the restriction this imposes on them? Are they old enough to understand? Is it to early to let them know how badly the situation truly is? Where do I draw the line?

Though I actually am amazed at how little Politics here seem to care about the ground, the foundation of this land of the free. Doesn't freedom also has a flipside? responsibilty?

One of my biggest issues is TASTE. I seem to be one of the people who taste more than some others. AND as a person struggling with depression food and good taste has been my one reliable comfort giver. Most of the problem i am having with *organic* (which is what I buy as much as possible) is a matter of taste, but since I am using less and less preprocessed foods so I am limiting this problem too,

EXCEPT for the water. I positively hate the taste of my water supply and that doesn't even figure in the hazards of ingesting chlorine or derivatives of it. the stuff stinks and tastes so badly it makes me want to puke. and the destilled and then treated waters taste as badly. Why can I not have springwater in glass bottles? or at least a sensible person upstream in the municipal treatment facilty who can take a hint from the north and stop using the chlorin based treatment and go fro UV light instead??? PULEEZE

/end rant
 hehehe I finally have a very cool idea for what to make for copper oxide in the crafty challenge. I started something for a pouch. BUt she got a masterpiece (of course) done by racaire, and while mine does reatin its charme, it simply will be outshone by her marvelous work. Can#T have that .:D

It will take abit longer than it should. since I need to finish what is on my hoop right now but I am sure copper oxide won't mind when she gets the results eventually :D hehehe

Writer's Block: Cold turkey tremors

What is the longest, uninterrupted stretch you've stayed offline (without mobile access either)? How soon did you suffer withdrawal pains? Did you find it liberating?

I would guess that to  be a good 20 years.
My first 20 years of life were pre Inet  for everybody.
So, the husband thinks I am a selfrighteous whiny bitch.
Now  what?

10 picture meme

Tags: meme
Post ten of any pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.

• NO CAPTIONS! It must be like we're speaking with images and we have to interpret your visual language just like we have to interpret your words.

• They must ALREADY be on your hard drive - no Googling or Flickr! They have to have been saved to your folders sometime in the past. They must be something you've saved there because it resonated with you for some reason.

• You do NOT have to answer any questions about any of your pictures if you don't want to  behind the cutCollapse )


SCA related whinings

My name got rejected. I submitted my name Elisande Walters last February after a consultation with the laurel Queen of arms no less, my device and names and devices of my husband and older daughter.

My devicesubmission never really got handled due to something in teh mailing process. When I found out and worked on it it came to light that the angle of my dropspindle on it was not possible. that it had to be a real 45 degree angle. then I never heard anything ever again. It was only after consultation with my lovely friend Aryanwhy that I found out I would have to submit again. with the proposed change. :(

Then in Fall we found out that my daughter's device got rejected on teh grounds that the unicorns were looking TOO horsey. saying that unicorn back then would have been based on goats and thus have a beard and a lion's tail and special hooves. The thing is: the design did OVERALL look more horsesy than goatish but it did have a lion's tail and it did have a beard What it didn't have a split hooves because it was in full profile.

The other thing is, that my duaghter had come up with that otherwise totally permissbale device on her own. SHe is 8. And she could have used getting cut a tiny tiny little bit of slack.

Now my name is rejected on the basis that its spelling would have been the way I spell it only if it survissed long enough into the time when the female ending -de had been comon, which I cannot proof. So now I am ELisant. A name that is not mine. but it will have to do for submission of my device. If I ever find the motivation to submit anything ever again.

Which right now, I doubt.

There is two things that look very wrong to me (apart from me being simply miffed that it didn't go through, which is a large part of my frustration admittedly)
a) I couldn't even point out that my daughter's device spouted all tehse descriptive aspects.
b) there is one thing that is different about Herald's standards and the other orders.:

It is perfectly ok, for a Herald - as for any other person who doesn't actually strive to be peerage to wear cotton dresses or mschine sewed garb, or machine embroidered garb. Such as it is ok, for any heavy fighter without current ambitions otehr than fighting to wear plastic armor as long as it doesn't show. well, maybe not loved but totally admissable.

The Heralds are the only order that get into the game of low level players such as me early on. I have heard people wondering : why is it that nobody is submitting their names or device. The answer to me is obvious:
it is taking a test with teachers you have never seen and it is frustrating beyond my imagining to fail.

I am currently in tears, because somebody decided that I cannot be Elisande after deciding that my daughter doesn't get to have her device at this pennsic, after deciding that the spindle needs to be not just tilted considerably from vertical but no, it had to be 45degree angle.

I know this is emotional
I know this is irrational
but the truth is
it makes me question if I want to go on

So if I, sombody who has found tremendous thing within teh society reacts like this doesn't it make you wonder how many people actually did quit after that?

It didn't help that I got THIS particular communication from somebody who wears a name straight out of a Fantasy novel.

NOt a good day
not for me anyways



So, I survived the snowdump and the blizzard and considering that we will be getting *only a couple more inches* on Monday, I really do hope that was it for this season. BUt I have to tell you guys. Kuddos to america: Everybody is stressed due to the forced stay at home, lots of people know that they will have financial difficulties or have to cancle their summer plans, since they stayed at home during the worst of the weather. Parenting 24/7 here in Arlington (as the schools had been closed on wednesday teh week before last, And ever since that Friday and will in Arlington not open until next Tuesday) is quite a challenge without these restrictions fro everbody who is used to some alone time. And yet:
EVerbody is smiling.
Everbody is determined to have as much fun as possible.
Everybody is in a surprisingly good mood, or at least no good humored.

No snapping
No japping
nothing of what I as a Germany have come to expect out of stressed people. N O T H I N G.

Only pleasant internations. Everbody is concerned for everbody. People are going out of teihr way to help me. the Neighbors know my husband is in Ghana, so Jim shovels my walkway, if not Dexter has done it before him. Ann come over and offers to take the kids for a little while. MIke tells me not to worry about the tree that came down in his backyard from ours,his garden guy will take care of it after the melting. Sarah is happy that her kids are playing with mine.

The birds flock to their feeding space and I get to see the cardinal again ;)

This good natured approach to life is so refreshing. and it does rub off.

We made snowICEcream today. And Ann just came over to ask if they could bring anything from the CVS they are going to. I said IF they could find Cream I'd love to have some, so I can make some Cherry Icecream too, I already have frozen a batch, so That when we have friends over from Germany this year. They can all - quite literally - have a taste of the Big snow dump.

the melting is pretty quickly today. most of teh icicles have come off, except fro the biggest on my east window, but those will also go soon, methinx.

Thanx guys. This could have been horrific. So it is mostly nice and sometimes annoying.
and yet, you still all smile

SNOMG or as I call it: The big snowdump

because here it was steady snow. long snowing, lots of it but nothing else. Our property is rather sheltered. HUbby's flight was canceled, but sadly enough he got a contingency flight tonight so he is still into the sunset (literally)

The kids are not going crazy and so far I am not either

but that may change soon as none of them is going back to school at least until wednesday and with new snow on teh way I assume it will be thursdaqy if not friday until things are back on track. I hope for thurday, since I have a huge, big massage (2hours) scheduled for that day. sigh.

The snow is beautiful

but it will be hard to stay on course . Alone. Never alone.




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